About Us

Visuali.se was founded in 2013 by Edahn Small with the dual aim of improving the quality of information design and inspiring and educating others for good. Before turning to design, Edahn practiced law in California as a litigator. He also has a Masters in Counseling. His passions are psychology, information design, and using technology to improve people's lives. 

At Visuali.se, we believe that the design of a presentation, store, or product, makes all the difference in how seriously and how engaged your brand appears. We offer an array of services in conjunction with presentation design, including:

 Fearless Leader

Fearless Leader

Copywriting and Narrative Construction

We help you build a logical, engaging narrative to help you communicate your ideas in a persuasive, storytelling manner.

Presentation Design

We design presentations that are meant to be delivered live or read privately using poignant photography, modern typography, and custom iconography. This includes pitch decks, trial graphics, reports, conference presentations, and whatever else you can dream up.

Graphic Design

We love all this design, and love helping you realize your creative vision from your logo to your business cards, to your marketing collateral.


Infographic Design & Data Design

The more information the better. We take data sets and turn them into beautiful, intuitive visualization.

Training & Lectures

Need some help at the company-wide level? Contact us about in-person trainings. We want you to be your best.

Other Stuff

We always have some tricks up our sleeve. Got a crazy idea? Try us.