Not just pretty, but smart too.

We don't just style, we design, using principles from graphic design, communication theory, and rhetoric. We help you craft your overall narrative, then assemble all the pieces to reflect the content of your presentation as well as your brand. Click a thumbnail below to view the presentation.


Putting the Consumer Back in Consumer Insights

Live presentation designed for the head of Consumer Insights at Starbucks, delivered at Yale University.


How our presentations can change the world

This presentation, featured as SlideShare's presentation of the day, showcases our philosophy on presentations and their power.


Introducing Phonio

This pitch deck was developed for communications startup Phonio using Duarte's 10-slide forumla.


Anxiety, Zen, and Enlightenment

This tribute presentation was created to celebrate the late great Alan Watts, an inspirational philosopher and pacifist.


The Quotable Pope

We admire those who stand up for the greater good, and made this presentation, featured on Note&Point and SlideShare, to shine light on the Pope's humanitarian and secular ethos.


The Case for Health Case Transparency

This presentation was built to educate consumers about the state of health case within the United States for CastLight Health.


Attention Span Media: Capabilities Deck

Attention Span Media contacted to create a visually engaging capes deck that showcased their successes and abilities.


Changing the Status Quo

This presentation took first place in the Health Care Executives College Bowl. The design features push animations and layouts that create the illusion of having a camera panning over a large cavas.


A Night with Janis Joplin

Short and sweet, this 8 slide deck is just long enough to capture the magic of a show for busy investors who aren't interested in wading through endless boring slides.


10 Tips for Creating Beautiful Slideshow Presentations

Our first public presentation which happened to go viral after being featured on SlideShare for a full week. It lays out the fundamentals of our presentation philosophy and approach.

320,000 views to date


Prezi: Finding Your Creative Genius

Our first Prezi was entered into TED's Ideas Matter contest, in conjunction with Prezi. The prezi was chosen by prezi as the best presentation in its category.