Make 'em say woow.

These presentations showcase some of our most popular work. All design work was done in-house, and in all cases, the copy was refined to better suit the presentation format.


How Our Presentations Can Change the World

This personal project was inspired by our vision for presentations and our love for teaching. It was featured as SlideShare's top presentation of the day the day it was published. 


The Quotable Pope

We support artists and visionaries who want to better the world, and we saw that impulse in Pope Francis. We made this presentation, with quotes being used as springboards to ideas. The presentation was featured as SlideShare's top presentation of the day on the day it was released and is also featured on the prestigious presentation design blog Note and Point.


Introducing Phonio

This pitch deck demonstrates our ability to design as well as summarize and communicate the key points of an exciting business idea in an engaging way. It loosely tracks the 10-slide formula set forth in Nancy Duarte's book Slide:ology.


Changing the Status Quo

This presentation was entered into the Health Care Executives College Bowl challenge and took first place, thanks to a smart presentation with a smart design. The presentation used "push transitions" to create the illusion that the entire presentation was created on one giant canvas.


10 Tips for Making Beautiful Slideshow Presentations

My first venture into the world of presentation design culminated in a presentation that summarized what I learned, with a little humor. The presentation was featured on SlideShare's homepage for more than a week, helping it go viral. It has 230,000 views and more than 5,000 downloads.


Attention Span Media: Capes

Capes decks are essential to your business development. Attention Span Media wanted something exciting to showcase their accomplishments and their youthful brand. We put this deck together, complete with animations and a working nav bar on the top.



CastLight Health: The Case for Healthcare Transparency helped CastLight Health take its data-driven report and bring it to life.


The Alan Watts Tribute

Our personal favorite, this presentation was a tribute to one of Edahn's mentors, Alan Watts.